VA Beach Restauranteur Ordered to Back Pay Employees

The owner of the Virginia Beach Melting Pot restaurant is in hot water after allegations that he did not pay his employees minimum wage or overtime hours. The lawsuit details the unfair ways the owner exploited employees and shortchanged them money that they were owed for the time they worked. Per a settlement between the Labor Department and the owner, 46 employees stand to receive back pay.

Thousands of Dollars in Back Pay

The owner of the franchise fondue restaurant was asked to pay $50,000 in back pay by the United States Department of Labor. Details from the lawsuit reveal that the owner failed to adequately keep track of time employees spent on the clock performing duties like laundering aprons. Though such a chore might seem small, over time, these tasks add up.

Lessons to Learn

Employers can learn a lot from this incident. While it may seem simple to pay employees minimum wage and for the overtime they work, the restaurant industry operates a little differently. In Virginia, the minimum wage is $7.25. For servers and other tipped employees, however, minimum wage is calculated a bit differently. Employees must be paid $2.13 an hour with a maximum tip credit of $5.12 an hour. Should the employee not make at least $7.25 in tips and credit from the restaurant owner, they must be paid additional wages to bring their earnings up to $7.25.

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