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Chemical Exposure

When an individual suffers from an illness or injury due to exposure to a toxic substance, that person is eligible to sue for medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

If it can be determined that the party responsible for the toxic substance knew about its dangers yet still carried on with manufacturing and marketing the substance, those that were injured could file for punitive damages.

While nearly every sort of tort case is a difficult undertaking, toxic torts can be especially challenging for the victims. The defendants in these cases are almost always huge industrial concerns with vast financial resources. They employ highly skilled and very expensive defense lawyers, who as a matter of course use delaying tactics, private investigators that dig into the medical histories and expert witnesses that serve no other purpose than to directly refute the claims of the plaintiffs.

Obtaining fair restitution for the victims of corporate polluters requires an attorney with his own resources. What is needed is an attorney that has a thorough knowledge of every aspect of the law, the experience to know how corporate polluters and their attorneys operate, and the dedication and tenacity to follow through on behalf of his clients. It is crucial that he has the ability to handle complex cases with defendants in multiple states and jurisdictions.

It would be impossible to deny the advantages that industrialization has provided to our society. Plastics and chemicals have integrated themselves so thoroughly into our lives that it seems inconceivable to live without them.

Corporations like DuPont, Dow and 3M have profited immensely off of the invention and every day use of their products, and hundreds of other corporations and industrial concerns have followed suit.
Most of these profits are deserved.

The computer you are using right now wouldn’t exist if it were not for the plastics and wiring that were developed by these corporations. The chair that you are sitting on probably has fabric that was created through a chemical process or is made of plastic molding. The shoes that you are wearing probably have soles that were made through chemical means or waterproofed with a chemical treatment. The car that you drive probably wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for the use of plastics.

While all of these inventions have drastically improved the quality of our everyday lives, American industrial concerns don’t have a completely spotless record. In many cases, new products have been rushed to the market before a full understanding of their possible dangers has been realized.

For years, a material called asbestos was used in a variety of products, from brake pads to insulation to decorative materials. It was even used in a cigarette filter for four years. Asbestos was later linked to a cancer called mesothelioma, which occurred due to particles of asbestos building up in the lungs over time.

For the better part of the twentieth century, cigarettes were manufactured and distributed wholesale all over the country. Cigarettes were considered such an important part of our daily life that Lucky Strikes were part of the daily rations given to soldiers, and care packages sent by the Red Cross to POW camps contained more cigarettes than food. It was later determined that cigarettes were not only terrible for your health, but also contained nicotine, which is an incredibly addictive chemical.

These two examples of corporate irresponsibility are similar not just because of their high profile impact on the health of Americans, but also in the way that the manufacturers of these products reacted. Rather than offer heartfelt apologies and restitution for the damage that their products caused, the companies immediately went into an aggressive state of denial.

When presented with impartial scientific and medical evidence showing that their products were harmful, they presented their own evidence that was created by scientists and doctors on their payroll.
When the people that suffered from their products filed suit, the corporations procured the services of high-priced defense attorneys fought tooth and nail from start to finish.

Those that were victims were made to look like swindlers, or were offered minuscule settlements. This is behavior that continues to this day, as new cases of mesothelioma continue to affect miners, shipbuilders and even office workers due to years of fiber build up, and tobacco suits continue to work their way through the courts.

Experienced Toxic Tort Attorneys

Richard Serpe has over two decades of experience in securing fair compensation for those that have been injured by corporations that have placed their profit margins over the health and safety of the public. He has obtained over Fifty Million Dollars ($50,000,000) [Disclaimer] in judgments and settlements for his clients, and has made a national reputation for himself as an advocate for the rights of victims of industrial negligence. Virginians that have had their lives and health irrevocably altered due to the irresponsibility and recklessness of corporate polluters face a long and difficult road to justice. Richard Serpe is the attorney in Virginia that can ease the journey.

If you or a loved one has been injured due to exposure to toxic chemicals, contact our offices for a free legal consultation today.

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