Stryker Hip Replacement Lawsuits

Defective Hip Implant LawyersThe Stryker hip replacement devices – the Rejuvenate and ABG II – were recalled after it was discovered that the hip stems were prone to breaking off and corrosion at the modular neck junction. The devices that did fret and corrode led to people suffering various complications including:

  • local tissue reactions (i.e. pain and/or swelling)
  • metallosis
  • necrosis
  • and osteolysis

Pictures of metallosis are graphic. Metallosis occurs when metal debris builds up inside of tissue. As you can imagine, this is a horrible condition. With the Stryker hip recall, it has been alleged that the product is resulting in a frequent occurrence of metallosis in patients with the Rejuvenate and ABGII.

Stryker has contacted patients who underwent a hip replacement surgery where a Rejuvenate and ABG II device was used, to get blood tests due to the risk of elevated metal ion levels. Stryker also recommended to patients that they undergo certain radiological testing to determine whether the components of the device are functioning properly. Obviously, these suggestions can lead to extreme stress and anxiety, even for patients who haven’t suffered any adverse side effects.

Stryker Hip Replacement Lawsuits

At least 145 lawsuits have already been filed against Stryker after the company announced the hip replacement recall. Many victims filed suit in federal court and petitioned the U.S. Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation (JPML) to establish a consolidated proceedings for these Stryker hip replacement injury claims in a single federal court. [Click Here to View the FDA’s Recall Press Release]

Our law firm is evaluating cases to determine if they should be filed in federal or state court. Unlike many firms, we do not send our cases to another firm. We handle the cases ourselves, right here in Hampton Roads.

Free Case Evaluation for Stryker Hip Problems

If you or a loved one has suffered side effects and suspect they are due to your Stryker hip device, contact our law firm as soon as possible to discuss your legal options. The Law Offices of Richard J. Serpe, PC handles personal injury cases on a contingency fee basis. This means you don’t owe us any attorney’s fees unless we win or settle your case. Click Here to Email Us or Call Toll Free: 877-544-5323.

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