Erb's Palsy Caused by Medical Malpractice

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Virginia Birth Injury LawyerErb's palsy is a rare injury found in just one or two out of every 1,000 babies born. Caused by injury to the brachial plexus nerves in an infant's upper arm, Erb's palsy occurs when a doctor pulls too hard on a child during the delivery process. Erb's palsy can have lifelong consequences for the baby.

Experts agree that Erb's palsy is preventable.

When doctors follow standard medical procedures, it is rare that a child suffers Erb's palsy. When a doctor deviates from the norm, though, the risk of Erb's palsy increases. Families of infants with Erb's palsy may have grounds for a lawsuit against the person responsible. Erb's palsy compensation claims are a form of medical malpractice lawsuits and can be filed against doctors, nurses and other healthcare providers who were involved with the birth of the child.

Was my child's Erb's palsy caused by medical malpractice?

Most cases of Erb's palsy are preventable, but in some rare instances, the injury is unavoidable. Most commonly, though, Erb's palsy occurs when:

  • Doctors or nurses pull too hard on a baby's arm in the delivery process
  • Doctors fail to carry out an emergency C-section procedure
  • Forceps, vacuum extraction and other birth tools are used improperly
  • Healthcare workers fail to adequately monitor signs of distress

Often, it can be difficult for parents to understand whether their child was a victim of medical malpractice. An experienced, knowledgeable Virginia birth injury lawyer can help families to understand their child's Erb's palsy and how it came to be. Medical experts can look at the evidence and determine if the standard of care was deviated from by the doctor. Such specialized opinions can offer valuable insight into an infant's injuries.

Am I eligible for compensation for an Erb's palsy claim?

Often, families are eligible for compensation. While no amount of money can undo the damage done by a negligent doctor, a settlement can ensure the easiest future possible for the infant. Settlement amount depends largely upon the severity of the injury, and every case is different. Erb's palsy claims frequently include compensation for:

  • Medical costs, including surgical procedures, prescription drugs, doctor's appointments and physical therapy sessions
  • Lost wages for parents who must forgo their career to provide full time care for their infant
  • Long-term care for the child
  • Pain and suffering

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