17 Dead in Missouri Boat Sinking

need-an-ambulance-151259417 people have died after a terrifying ride on a boat in Branson, Missouri. The tragedy has made headlines around the world after more than half of the boat’s participants drowned in the accident. News reports show that the boat tour company sent out three boats full of tourists out onto Table Rock Lake, despite storms on the horizon. When the storms began, waves of up to five feet and winds in excess of 65 miles per hour kicked up. Two of the boats were able to make it make to land safely, but the third capsized in the huge waves. Of the 31 people on board, only 14 people were recovered safely by rescuers. All bodies of the missing passengers have been recovered.

Duck Boat Dangers

This is hardly the first time that these vessels have been involved in dangerous accidents. Based on amphibious vehicles used in World War II, the boat/bus hybrids have been involved in other high profile incidents in which passengers were killed. A collision with a barge in Pennsylvania killed two tourists, while five others were killed in a separate incident in Seattle.

Victims Rights

Many tourist operations require visitors to sign a waiver absolving the company of any liability in case of an emergency. While the victims involved in this particular crash may have signed such a form, they should still consider speaking with an attorney. Such forms are not always the final word on liability, and if there is evidence of negligence, the company may owe the victims for their losses.

Virginia Personal Injury Lawyers

The attorneys at the Law Firm of Richard J. Serpe, P.C. have experience in wrongful death and brain injury cases. Should you have a loved one or know someone who has suffered an injury in and around water, we are ready to assist you.

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