17 Dead in Missouri Boat Sinking

17 people have died after a terrifying ride on a boat in Branson, Missouri. The tragedy has made headlines around the world after more than half of the boat’s participants drowned in the accident. News reports show that the boat tour company sent out three boats full of tourists out onto Table Rock Lake, despite […] July 26, 2018 READ MORE

Two Killed in Accomack Co. Truck Crash

A truck driver’s failure to stop at a red light has led to the death of a husband and wife. The July 16, 2018 accident in Accomack County occurred around 5:00 PM on Route 13 near the Courthouse Avenue intersection. Reports indicate that an SUV was heading east from Courthouse Ave. onto Route 13 when […] July 17, 2018 READ MORE

Teen Charged Following Deadly VA Beach Crash

A 17-year-old has been arrested on charges of reckless driving and racing that resulted in the death of another following a crash in Virginia Beach last week. The July 12, 2018 accident occurred around 11 PM on Dam Neck Road. Witnesses say they saw the driver of a Subaru Crosstrek and a motorcycle racing on […] July 17, 2018 READ MORE

Truck Crash Kills One in Chesapeake

One person has died in an accident involving a minivan and a tractor trailer in Chesapeake. Reports indicate that the incident occurred June 18, 2018 around 6:45 in the evening. Not many details have been released about the collision, but we know that the victim was pulling out of a Circle K parking lot when […] June 26, 2018 READ MORE

Cyclist Struck by Ambulance in Portsmouth

A cyclist has died after being struck by an ambulance in Portsmouth. The incident occurred shortly after 10:30 PM on the evening of June 19, 2018. Police say they received word about a private ambulance crashing into the cyclist near the base of the Churchland Bridge, near the intersection of High Street and Shenandoah Street. […] June 21, 2018 READ MORE

The Deadly Reality of Distracted Boating

Like it or not, distraction is a term we often associate with driving. With the increasing reliance upon cell phones, motorists are constantly tempted by the ringing of their devices. While distracted driving is indeed deadly, there’s another form of distracted travel that often gets overlooked: distracted boating. Why Accidents Happen While far more people […] June 19, 2018 READ MORE

Liability Lessons for Pool Owners

There are few things as refreshing as jumping into a swimming pool in the heat of summer. When homeowners invest in a pool for their backyard, images of parties, cannonballs and relay races likely swim through their mind. Unfortunately, few people consider just how dangerous swimming pools can actually be. Even when steps are taken […] June 19, 2018 READ MORE

Woman Killed by Drunk Driver in Virginia Beach

A Florida man is facing charges after his involvement in a Virginia Beach car accident, police say. The June 3rd, 2018 accident occurred around 10 PM on Great Neck Road. Authorities say the driver struck a vehicle turning onto Great Neck. Both the at-fault driver and their passenger fled the scene on foot. Tragically, the […] June 05, 2018 READ MORE

Man Killed in VA Beach Crash

One person has died after a crash in Virginia Beach. The April 13, 2018 collision occurred near the intersection of Dam Neck Road and London Bridge Road around 6:30 PM. Police responded to a call that a minivan heading west on Dam Neck Road struck the back of a Honda Civic. The collision forced the […] April 19, 2018 READ MORE

Two Killed in Chesapeake Crash

Two people are dead after a crash in Chesapeake this weekend. The March 10, 2018 collision occurred around 10 PM on Paramount Avenue. Details about the incident are sparse, but reports indicate that the vehicle left the road, struck and pedestrian and hit a tree before coming to a stop. The pedestrian and one of […] March 12, 2018 READ MORE