Pit Bull Attack Sends Man to Hospital with Multiple Injuries

July 12, 2013

A vicious attack by two pit bulls against a man walking his dog on Sunday July 7 has caused a Suffolk family tremendous pain. Jerry Phillips was walking his dog, a Rat Terrier named Zippy, around the neighborhood when two pit bulls came and attacked Phillips.

Phillips claims that when the pit bulls started attacking and biting he was knocked down into a ditch. Once police were called out, officers attempted to Taser the dogs. To no avail, the dogs continued attacking Phillips and the officers and had to be shot.

Phillips was taken to the hospital with multiple lacerations, bites, and bruises on his body. Unfortunately, one of the bites punctured a nerve in Phillips’ ring finger, which will result in a loss of function in the finger. The Phillips family is thankful that on this night, the family’s six-year-old son was not accompanying his father for the walk like he normally does.

The dogs involved in the accident that were killed for defensive purposes have been traced to an owner in the neighborhood. Police are investigating the incident, and at this time have not pressed any charges.

Dog bites can be very serious injuries, especially among children and the elderly. If you or a loved one have been bitten or injured by a vicious dog, you have legal rights and may want to contact a Virginia Dog Bite Attorney.