Nursing Home Conditions Threaten Safety

A new report finds negligent nursing homes are often given no more than a slap on the wrist for their mistreatment of patients. The ABA Journal’s newest piece of in-depth reporting centers on the gross injustice. Though their report focuses on Illinois nursing homes, the overall message is a frightening one: that this epidemic of negligent nursing home – and the lack of oversight on them – is a nationwide problem.

Patients in negligent nursing homes are often the victims of bed sores. These wounds occur when a person lies in one position for too long. They are often exacerbated by urine or other fluid and can become seriously dangerous when left untreated. Bed sores can become gangrenous and cause patients to lose limbs. These bed sores are often a sign that a patient is being neglected.

Falls are often quite common in negligent nursing homes. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that about 1,800 patients living in nursing homes die each year from fall related injuries. Even when the falls don’t result in a serious injury, they can be a sign of an overwhelmed staff that’s just ripe for accidents waiting to happen.

Sadly, legislation and lawsuits have done little to affect change on a grand scale. Many times, nursing homes will face minor fines for gross negligence – and see the fines heavily discounted. These are not incentives to force better care from nursing homes. Instead, they are basic slaps on the wrist to an industry that often seems to care more about the bottom line than the health and happiness of their patients.

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