4 Ways to Protect Your Motorcycle Passengers

motorcycle_smallTaking friends and loved ones out for a ride is a favorite pastime of many bikers. With the wind blowing in your hair and the excitement of a friend holding onto you as you speed along, it’s not hard to see why it’s so much fun. Unfortunately, however, passengers are exposed to many of the same driving hazards that motorcyclists face. The only difference? They are often much less accustomed to the kinds of behaviors required to prevent serious accidents from occurring.

If you plan to take passengers out for a spin, make sure to pass on these helpful tips to ensure the safest ride possible:

1. Wear the proper safety gear. Just like the person driving the bike, passengers should wear helmets, pads, goggles and any other safety gear that might help them survive an accident. Consider investing in a seatbelt to help passengers stay on the bike a little easier, too.

2. Know the way motorcycles work. Shifting your weight in the passenger seat of a car will not make much of a difference, but doing so on a motorcycle could result in a serious imbalance. Bikers owe it to their passengers to explain exactly how motorcycles work and what not to do in order to prevent wrecks. Because sudden moves can impact a person’s ability to control their motorcycle, a full explanation of risks should be included.

3. Communicate effectively. Motorcycles can be loud, especially when you’re traveling at any kind of serious speed. That can make verbal communication virtually impossible. Before hopping onboard, plan out a series of hand gestures to communicate basic messages, like the need to pull over and stop.

4. Hold on. Grabbing at the driver’s waist is the safest way to ensure a passenger won’t fall off. Drivers should explain the need to lean around corners and demonstrate it a few times with the passenger onboard for clarity.

The best way to protect your passengers, however, is something you can do on your own. Ensure your motorcycle insurance includes coverage for your passengers in case of an accident.

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