Maritime Crane and Cargo Accidents

Cranes and the maritime shipping industry go hand in hand. While these large machines are absolutely necessary for the heavy lifting that the shipping industry entails, they are still dangerous, even deadly. Cranes are made even more dangerous when proper safety measures, proper training, maintenance issues, and caution are ignored. How do crane accidents occur? […] January 16, 2019 READ MORE

INjury & Death Due to Unseaworthy Vessels

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Maritime Falling Overboard and Drowning Accidents

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Commercial Fishing Accidents

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Fishing Boat Attack Kills One, Injures Two

A brutal attack on the high seas is typically the fare of summer blockbusters, but for one local group of fishermen, it was a nightmare come to life. Police say a 27-year-old crewmember of a York-county based fishing boat launched an attack on his crewmates unexpectedly. Mayday calls from one of the men onboard reported […] January 08, 2019 READ MORE

Dredging Accidents | Virginia Jones Act & Maritime Lawyer

Dredging Accidents | Jones Act & Maritime Injury Lawyer Without shipping channels, waterways, and ocean inlets, transporting countless everyday goods would be much more expensive and difficult, if not impossible. Because of the heavy traffic sailing on these waterways, they must be diligently maintained through dredging. While dredges obviously play an integral role in the […] August 21, 2018 READ MORE

Port Accidents | Jones Act & Maritime Lawyer

Maritime Port Accidents The shipping industry would be nothing without ports, and working in such a setting can be both exciting and lucrative. Unfortunately, though, they are among the most dangerous places to work in the maritime industry. Because docks and piers are filled with heavy equipment, employees, and vehicles, they are all too often […] August 20, 2018 READ MORE

Maritime Collisions

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Longshoreman Killed in Mooring Line Accident

One person is dead and three others are recuperating from injuries after a mooring line accident in Washington. The incident occurred when a 34-year-old longshoreman was helping shift the mooring line during cargo operations. Tragically, the line struck the man and three others. The victim succumbed to his injuries on-site, leaving behind a wife and […] July 02, 2018 READ MORE

Virginia Jet Ski Accident Lawyers

Virginia Jet Ski Accident Lawyers – Injury Attorneys Virginia is a jet ski paradise. Whether you’re steering your sea-doo through waves at the Virginia Beach oceanfront, cruising on your Kawasaki on the Chesapeake Bay, or making a splash on your WaveRunner on Smith Mountain Lake– jet ski fans are sure to have a blast on our […] November 21, 2016 READ MORE