Barge Workers Hurt in York River Accident

Many workplace accidents stem from malfunctioning equipment, but when the equipment weighs hundreds of pounds and you are working on a barge in the middle of a river, such accidents can be devastating. An accident last month has left maritime workers injured when such equipment malfunctioned.

Two workers are recovering from serious injuries they sustained on a job site last month. The incident occurred around 9:00 AM the morning of December 13, 2017. They were involved in an accident while working on a floating platform on the York River. Sources report that the employees were struck by a an inflatable plug that became dislodged from a floating pipe. Both were considered to be in serious condition when transported to local hospitals.

OSHA Investigations

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration will have up to six months to investigate this incident. Initial reports indicate that the incident will be investigated as a workplace accident. This is far from Corman Marine Construction’s first experience with OSHA. They were reported earlier in 2017 for safety concerns, but the investigation concluded after one day.

Machinery and Equipment Accidents

Maritime workers are exposed to all kinds of dangerous machinery in their daily routines. Injuries to hands and feet are common, as extremities are constantly exposed to moving machinery. Head injuries are also possible, since heavy equipment can fall from great heights. Falling off equipment, being pinned under machinery and electric shocks are all possible for maritime workers.

Virginia Maritime Injury Attorney

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