Bullying in Schools: Who is Liable?

Virginia child personal injury lawyerA 10-year-old South Carolina boy recently attempted suicide after bullying at school became so bad he told his parents he would rather die than go to school. The boy was committed to a mental hospital because of his attempt, and his family is now seeking justice. They have filed a lawsuit against the parents of the bully in question, who allegedly tried to break the victim’s neck at one point in the year. His family says he has been diagnosed with PTSD and Major Repressive Disorder. They are seeking an undisclosed amount from the bully’s family.

Bullying and Liability

Determining fault in bullying cases isn’t always as straightforward as you might expect. In addition to the bully in question, one also must consider the fault of the school, the families and the teachers supervising such behaviors. In order to file a personal injury liability claim, you must have tangible evidence of suffering. You’ll also need evidence that the injuries you’ve sustained have resulted in a financial loss. That can be anything from the cost of therapy to the medical bills incurred by a suicidal patient.

Taking Legal Action

If you believe your child has been bullied and want to take legal action, consider speaking with a Virginia personal injury lawyer. Though not every incidence of bullying can result in a lawsuit, when damages are as severe as the case in South Carolina, the family can sometimes be compensated for all they endured. An attorney can help you better understand your rights and legal options.

Virginia Personal Injury Lawyers

Virginia personal injury attorney Richard Serpe represents victims and their families who have suffered serious injury due to someone else’s negligence. We offer a no fee promise which means you don’t owe us any legal fees unless we settle or win your case. If you’ve been injured due to someone else’s negligence, contact us to discuss your rights.

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