E. Coli Outbreak Contaminates Romaine Lettuce

AlertThe Food and Drug Administration and the Centers for Disease Control are not doing enough to warn people of a dangerous E. coli outbreak, Consumer Reports says. The group recommends consumers stay away from romaine lettuce until a thorough investigation into the contamination is conducted. Nearly 60 people have been sickened because of the bacteria, and one person has died.

The Source of the Problem

Investigators say it is not easy hunting down the root of the E. coli contamination. Because food is shipped from a variety of farms to a central plant to be processed, it is difficult to hone in on which area is causing the problems. Though the CDC reported the problem with romaine lettuce on December 28, the organization has avoided telling people not to eat romaine altogether. That doesn’t go far enough to prevent illness, Consumer Reports says. They recommend throwing out any romaine lettuce and avoiding it until the contamination is contained.

E. Coli and Food Poisoning

Exposure to E. coli can cause food poisoning. Symptoms can include bloody diarrhea, vomiting and severe stomach cramps. In the most serious cases, kidney failure is possible. Very young children and the elderly are at greatest risk of these kinds of symptoms, but everyone should avoid romaine if possible. E. coli bacteria can be killed off during the cooking process, but because romaine is usually eaten fresh in salads, the chance for exposure is high. Throw out any romaine lettuce you might have in your refrigerator and avoid salad mixes with romaine.

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