3 Ways to Prevent Dog Bites This Holiday Season

4005822_mlThe dog versus the mailman: it’s a battle as old as time itself.

Okay, maybe the ancient Greeks didn’t work in that particular conflict into their mythology, but there is a reason why the cliche about canines and postal workers persists through time. Dogs are territorial creatures who will protect their space at all costs. Mail workers, on the other hand, are simply doing their jobs. Since most of us can’t imagine life without our pooches or our mail, the war wages on.

But with the advent of online shopping, dog attacks on postal workers have skyrocketed. A decade ago, you might have had one mailman stopping by your home daily. Now, with UPS, FedEx and other delivery companies delivering packages constantly, dogs are on the defensive.

Protect your friendly neighborhood delivery person – and your beloved pup – by following these tips:

1. Expect visitors. Most people generally know when they are expecting a package delivery. With that in mind, be a responsible pet owner and make sure your dog is in another room – with the door closed – when you open your home to a delivery worker.

2. Exercise your furry friend. Dogs need to run and play to stay mentally and physically stimulated. Bearing that in mind, a bored dog can be a dangerous one. Without exercise, bored canines can fixate on mail workers – often, it is the only excitement they experience all day. By wearing out your dog at the park, he will be less likely to attack an approaching stranger.

3. Post warning signs. Whether you’ve got a Chihuahua or a Doberman, posting a warning about your dog can be extremely helpful to delivery workers. Knowing a dog could be lurking in the yard allows them to stay on guard against a potential attack.

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