Tween Viciously Attacked by Pit Bull in NC

There are few things as terrifying as a large, vicious dog sprinting toward you with no help in sight. Sadly, this was the scene for a 12-year-old North Carolina girl who suffered serious injuries from a pit bull attack this week. Reports show that the girl was heading home from school and had just gotten […] November 02, 2018 READ MORE

Pit Bull Owner Killed by Pet in DC

A 55-year-old Washington, DC woman is dead after being mauled by her pet pit bull, Kaine. Reports show that the woman’s husband stepped out for just 15 minutes, and upon return, he’d found that the dog had killed his wife. He says the woman and the dog were close, and that the animal may have […] October 23, 2018 READ MORE

VA Law Aims for Dog Bite History Transparency

Each year, countless new laws are passed with little fanfare. If you’re not paying close attention, it’s easy for these to slip past you unnoticed. One such law passed earlier this year is one designed to help prevent violent dogs from being adopted out to families. A new Virginia law seeks to inform new pet […] October 23, 2018 READ MORE

Woman Fatally Mauled by Pit Bull in MD

Animal lovers are passionate defenders of their pets. Even when their beloved dogs misbehave, owners are quick to defend against their actions. Unfortunately, many pet lovers are blinded by their feelings for their dogs. Some, though, simply don’t have the full picture of their pet’s background. While adopting any animal comes with a degree of […] October 22, 2018 READ MORE

Jonesville, VA Infant Killed by Family Dog

An infant has died after being attacked by the family dog in Jonesville, Virginia. Police say they received word that the 8-day-old baby girl had been lying in her bassinet when the family’s “shepherd-like” dog mauled her. She suffered severe injuries to her head and chest. Though she was immediately rushed to the hospital, the […] April 03, 2018 READ MORE

Teen Bitten by Police Dog in VA Beach

A Virginia Beach teenager is recovering after being brutally attacked by a K-9 police dog outside a neighbor’s home. 13 News reports that the 13-year-old was at a neighbor’s house playing video games with friend when he and his 9-year-old brother left to return home. Upon walking outside, the teen was allegedly attacked by the […] March 30, 2018 READ MORE

Dogs Responsible for 39 Deaths in 2017

Nearly forty people became the victims of vicious dog attacks last year. That’s the news from a nonprofit tracking the statistics of dog bites across the country. The dog bite victims’ advocacy group says these numbers add to a total figure of 433 fatalities caused by violent dogs in the last 13 years. Pit bulls […] February 28, 2018 READ MORE

Legislation May Prevent Adoption Dog Attacks

When a Virginia Beach woman adopted a 1-year-old pit bull from a local animal shelter, she had no idea that the dog would go on to attack and kill her 91-year-old mother. The incident is one of the most horrific in a series of horrifying dog attacks. As more and more Virginians find themselves victims […] January 22, 2018 READ MORE

New Dog Law to Require Bite History

A fatal dog attack in Virginia Beach may lead to new legislation surrounding the adoption of pets in the state of Virginia. A new proposal from a Virginia Beach lawmaker would require animal shelters and other agencies to alert potential adopting families of the pet’s bite history. Any organization that fails to do so would […] December 15, 2017 READ MORE

What are my legal rights after a Virginia dog bite or attack?

A:  If you’ve been attacked by a dog, you’re likely feeling shocked and overwhelmed. Once the initial shock wears off, though, many victims feel helpless. It’s important for dog bite victims to know their rights. When an animal attacks, the owner of the dog is liable for the damage done. Sometimes a person who is […] March 03, 2017 READ MORE