NC Company Announces Ground Beef Recall

Defective Products Lawyer - Richard SerpeA North Carolina company has recalled more than 5,000 pounds of its ground beef. The news comes after JBS USA learned of Styrofoam packaging being shredded into their meat. The company says the ground beef was wrapped the week of July 15 and may still be on some shelves on in consumer’s homes. Be on the lookout for 2-pound, black trays wrapped in plastic were labeled “Certified Angus beef ground chuck 80% lean 20% fat” with a production date 7/15/17 and case code 541640.

While there have been no injuries or adverse reactions to the recalled ground beef, the potential for harm is still there. JBS USA recommends consumers throw out any ground beef that includes the case code above.

Food recalls like this have to be taken seriously. Mistakes happen in factories where food is produced, but when pieces of plastic foam are found in food, the accident can turn deadly. That’s why we urge everyone to pay close attention to product recalls like this one. In fact, we advocate for a regular check of product recalls to ensure the things you use everyday (like your car, your appliances and your children’s toys) are indeed safe for use.

One easy way to remember to check for product recalls? Schedule the task with daylight savings time beginning and ending. Set your clocks forward or back, replace your smoke detector batteries and check out product recalls on Even if you never see a recall that applies to your family, you’ll be glad you took the time to double check!

Dangerous and Defective Products Lawyer

Dangerous Products Lawyer - Richard SerpeDefective products are known to cause physical injury, illness, or death due to a defect in the product or improper labeling.  It can take years before anyone discovers that a product is defective or dangerous.  Most times defects are discovered after numerous people have already been hurt. If you believe that your injuries were caused by a dangerous or defective product, contact an experienced products liability attorney. Contact the Law Offices of Richard J. Serpe, PC if you’d like to setup a free consultation to discuss your situation 877-544-5323.

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