28M Vehicles Recalled in 2017

Recall Lawyer Richard SerpeMore than 28 million vehicles were recalled in 2017. While perhaps not a record-breaking year for recalls, 2017 saw many of the major auto manufacturers issuing warnings for customers. A few of the worst offenders include:

Fiat Chrysler

With nearly 4 million vehicles recalled in 2017 alone, Fiat Chrysler leads the pack for recalls. More than 1 million of the recalls involved Ram pickup trucks. Offroading can cause the trucks to disable the system’s ability to detect a rollover. When that occurs, seat belts and air bags become disabled.


Honda also recalled millions of vehicles in 2017. Of the 3.3 million, 1.1 were for 2013-2016 Honda Accords. Gaps in the plastic cap that covers the battery allows moisture to seep in. When the sensor gets wet, it can potentially cause an electrical short and lead to a fire. Nearly a million Honda Odyssey vans were also recalled for locking issues with the second-row seats.


Ford’s popular F-series of pickup trucks saw 1.1 million recalled in 2017. Issues with kinked door actuator cables have been known to cause the doors of the truck to open while driving.


Seat belts were a problem for Hyundai in 2017. The company recalled nearly a million Sonatas after discovering the model’s seat belt linkages detached in crash situations. Other Sonatas and the Santa Fe Sport were also recalled when manufacturing errors prevented oil delivery from connecting with rod bearings. This caused seized engines and serious safety issues.

While these recalls may sound scary, they are ultimately announced to prevent serious accidents. It pays to keep an eye out for your make and model in the news!

Dangerous & Defective Products Lawyer

Defective products are known to cause physical injury, illness, or death due to a defect in the product or improper labeling.  It can take years before anyone discovers that a product is defective or dangerous.  Most times defects are discovered after numerous people have already suffered debilitating injury or illness. If you have been injured because of a defective product, contact Richard Serpe to discuss your situation today.

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