Staying Warm and Safe This Holiday Season

fireplace-1494204December is full of festivities. No matter what holidays you celebrate, there’s an undeniable coziness associated with this time of year. Whether you huddle around a fire or crank your space heater to stay warm, there are real risks to watch out for. The Virginia Beach fire department is warning locals about the dangers associated with heating your home this holiday season.

Taking precautions to prevent fires and carbon monoxide poisoning is critical this time of year, they say. Anyone using a kerosene heater, electric blanket, space heater, or other auxiliary heating appliances is at risk. Firefighters say a raging fire can spark in as little as five seconds if people are not careful. About half of all heating equipment related fires occur during the months of December, January and February.

If you and your family use such sources of auxiliary heat in your home, check out these tips:

  • Anything flammable should be kept at least three feet away from heating sources like space heaters
  • Avoid using your oven to heat your home
  • Have chimneys and other heating appliances inspected each year before use
  • Turn off portable heaters when leaving the room or heading to bed for the night
  • Test smoke alarms at least every quarter, or as frequently as once per month
  • Ensure a fireplace screen is in place in front of an open flame
  • When you’re finished with the fireplace, place cool ashes in a metal container far from your home
  • Always be sure to use the proper kind of fuel when using fuel burning space heaters

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