Two Killed in Chesapeake Crash

need-an-ambulance-1512594Two people are dead after a crash in Chesapeake this weekend. The March 10, 2018 collision occurred around 10 PM on Paramount Avenue. Details about the incident are sparse, but reports indicate that the vehicle left the road, struck and pedestrian and hit a tree before coming to a stop. The pedestrian and one of the car’s occupants died in the wreck. The investigation into the incident continues, but no charges have been filed thus far, possibly because it may have been the at-fault driver who was killed in the accident.

Late Night Pedestrian Risks

It can be unsafe to walk at night without proper safety attire and lighting, but in many cases, folks have no choice. Anyone who must walk outside after dark should invest in colorful clothing made of reflective fabric. They should also consider carrying a flashlight or another form of lighting to make their presence obvious to motorists.

Legal Options

Still, no pedestrian should bear the ultimate sacrifice for not wearing bright enough colors for an evening walk. As the investigation into this incident continues, we’ll likely get a better idea of what caused this accident. Given the time of day and the fact that the incident occurred on a Saturday, alcohol may have played a role. The family of the victims may wish to pursue a wrongful death lawsuit against the at-fault driver. While no sum can bring back their loved ones, a settlement can ensure the brightest future possible for the surviving family they leave behind.

Virginia Auto Accident Lawyers

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