Two Killed in Accomack Co. Truck Crash

Virginia tractor-trailer accident lawyer - Richard SerpeA truck driver’s failure to stop at a red light has led to the death of a husband and wife. The July 16, 2018 accident in Accomack County occurred around 5:00 PM on Route 13 near the Courthouse Avenue intersection. Reports indicate that an SUV was heading east from Courthouse Ave. onto Route 13 when a tractor trailer failed to stop at a red light. The truck plowed into the SUV, killing both the driver and the front seat passenger. The couple’s two daughters were in the backseat at the time of the crash and suffered serious injuries. No word has been given on whether or not the truck driver will face charges.

Physics at Work

This tragic accident showcases basic physics at work. When such a large vehicle slams into a smaller one, the results are bound to be serious. Because of their large size, trucks have a more difficult time stopping at the last second the way other vehicles can. When they slam on their brakes, it can take several feet to come to a complete stopping point. Judging by earlier reports, though, it sounds as though this particular truck driver just simply didn’t stop for the red light at all.

The Future for the Survivors

The girls who survived this collision will have to navigate the world without their parents. This tragedy will be felt throughout the deceased’s entire family, but it will be especially hard on their children. The family should consider reaching out to a Virginia truck accident lawyer for guidance on seeking the justice they deserve.

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