Traffic Fatalities Up 10% in 2016

Virginia Car Accident Lawyer - Richard Serpe In the first half of 2016, traffic fatalities rose 10 percent from the first half of 2015. Despite new technologies and safety advances, fatal car accidents are more prevalent now than they have been in years. Why?

The answer is complicated. To some degree, the higher number of traffic deaths is directly proportional to the increased number of cars on the road. With gas at a fairly low price by comparison to the last several years, there are more simply more drivers – and therefore more potential for collisions.

But there are more of other kinds of vehicles on the roads, too. The number of cyclists and pedestrians sharing our roads has increased. Still, experts say the higher numbers of vehicles on the road can only account for some of the increase in traffic deaths.

Ultimately, human error accounts for 94 percent of fatal accidents. Those errors include drinking and driving, distracted driving and drowsy driving, just to name a few. A recent NPR article pointed out that we have about 100 traffic fatalities a day – the equivalent of 14 plane crashes occurring each week on our nation’s roads. As a society, we would never stand for that huge a loss on a daily basis. And yet we have come to accept the car accident statistics as just part of the risk of our daily commutes.

Some hope that new technologies will continue to improve the safety of our roads. Driverless cars certainly present unique opportunities to eliminate some of the human error that causes so many accidents, but we’re still years away from their everyday use.

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