Teen Charged Following Deadly VA Beach Crash

Virginia motorcycle accident attorneyA 17-year-old has been arrested on charges of reckless driving and racing that resulted in the death of another following a crash in Virginia Beach last week. The July 12, 2018 accident occurred around 11 PM on Dam Neck Road. Witnesses say they saw the driver of a Subaru Crosstrek and a motorcycle racing on Harpers Road with a moped riding just ahead of the pair. Tragically, the motorcycle crashed into the back of the moped, sending it into a ditch. The motorcycle caught fire. Both the motorcycle and the moped drivers were pronounced dead at the scene. The teenage girl at the wheel of the Subaru has been arrested.

A Dangerous Game

Racing is popular in movies, TV shows and video games, but few people realize just how dangerous such a hobby can actually be on real roads. While this race may have started innocently enough, the resulting accident is anything but. We often think of street racers as daredevil drivers who race for money and glory, but not all races are run this way. Many times, they begin out of silliness and a sense of fun. Regardless of the motivation for the race, the results can be deadly.

Options for the Victims’ Families

The families of the deceased likely have many questions about their rights. The fact that the only driver to survive this deadly race was not directly involved in the collision may not matter much in the eyes of the law. The victims’ families should reach out to a Virginia motorcycle accident lawyer for guidance on what compensation they may be entitled to.


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