Study Reveals Teens Likelihood to Text And Drive

Aging teens are more likely to text behind the wheel, a new study has found. Published in the Journal of Adolescent Health, the study explored the factors surrounding teen texting and driving habits. The researchers found that as teens get more experienced behind the wheel, they’re more likely to engage in dangerous distracted driving behaviors. Interestingly, other risky behaviors like drinking and driving and infrequent seat belt usage were also linked to a person’s likelihood of texting. In states with lower minimum learner’s permit ages saw higher rates of texting and driving. Though the results of the study might feel disheartening, they can help us pinpoint which teens are most likely to engage in dangerous driving habits so we can educate and inform them of the risks.

Texting and Driving Dangers

Most people will admit to texting and driving once in a while. It’s important to note, though, that drivers of all ages who text behind the wheel are at equal risk of being involved in a wreck. No driver is immune from the impact of distracted driving. While most people would never dream of drinking and driving, texting and driving can be just as dangerous.

Talk to Your Teens

As kids head back to school this fall, take time to review the importance of not texting while driving. Many teens dismiss warnings as parents being overprotective, but showing kids the hard facts about the risks is a good way to stress the dangers linked to distracted driving.

Virginia Auto Accident Lawyers

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