Study: 1 in 3 Accident Victims Experience PTSD


Virginia Car Accident Lawyer Richard J. SerpeA study has confirmed what many already know: car accidents frequently result in PTSD, even in nonfatal accidents. The University of Oxford study found that at least one-third of people involved in serious accidents experience PTSD one year after their crash.

That means you can be involved in an accident, walk away without a scratch, but still face anxiety, depression and phobias because of the crash. In the past, people believed that physically injured victims were the most likely to experience PTSD symptoms, but this study shows that the internal pain of all victims is very real.

The pain of PTSD isn’t as obvious as a broken leg or fractured rib, but the pain can be just as long-reaching. PTSD victims often struggle with their daily routines they once found easy. It can affect relationships and a person’s career. Some victims of PTSD even develop phobias related to the accident scene or the vehicles involved in the crash.

Victims of car accidents who survive physically unscathed are sometimes not out of the woods. If two months pass after your accident and you’re still experiencing anxiety, having nightmares or find yourself avoiding driving, you should consider treatment. Short term versions of these symptoms are common, but if you’re suffering months after the incident, treatment is likely very necessary.

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