Simple Summer Car Maintenance Tips

Just because you’re taking a vacation this summer doesn’t mean you can take time off of maintaining your car. While it might be one of the easier seasons in which to drive, summer can cause all kinds of problems for vehicles. That’s why we advocate for proactive maintenance. Here are a few car care tips you should consider taking on before Labor Day:

Inspect your coolant system. Check the level of coolant in the system, but go above and beyond to check out the state of the hoses, looking for leaks at the joints and connection points. When the engine is cool, give the hose a squeeze to make sure it feels firm and not too squishy.

Inspect your wipers. Summer is known for its torrential downpours. You don’t want to get caught in a storm without windshield wipers that are in excellent condition. Old, worn-out wipers can create streaky windshields that are hard to see out from.

Inspect your air conditioning system. Chances are good, you’ll know if this isn’t working as it should. Sometimes, though, air conditioning systems in cars can slowly begin to age and stop cooling as completely as they should. To inspect your car’s AC system, check for leaking freon.

Inspect your tires. Summer heat can impact your car’s tire pressure, so before you head out on any long road trips, it pays to check out your tires. While you’re down there, make sure the tire tread is free of nails and stones. Carry a can of Fix-a-Flat on trips, just in case!

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