Seven Dead in Virginia Holiday Crashes

icy-conditions-1-1358994The Commonwealth of Virginia saw seven fatal crashes occur over the Thanksgiving holiday. That’s the official word from the Virginia State Police in a new report. The agency expected a record number of fatal accidents to coincide with the record number of cars on the road. Instead, thankfully, Thanksgiving 2016 saw a decline in deadly accidents from 2015. Seven people were killed over the five-day Thanksgiving holiday period. Compared with the nine fatalities that occurred last year and the eight in 2014, Virginia looks to be on the downward trend.

Five of the people killed were passengers or drivers, but two were pedestrians.

State troopers implemented Operation C.A.R.E (Combined Accident Reduction Effort) over the holiday, aiming to reduce the number of driver speeding and driving recklessly. They cited thousands of speeding and reckless drivers and arrested more than 100 drunk drivers. The state troopers plan to continue Operation C.A.R.E. throughout the holiday season. Additionally, they will participate in Checkpoint Strikeforce, a zero-tolerance DUI prevention program. It includes aggressive efforts to discourage drivers from drinking, as well as educational outreach to potential drunk drivers.

We applaud the state troopers for their commitment to keeping our roads safe. It seems as though Operation C.A.R.E. was a success. Of course, no operation like this can be truly successful until fatal accidents are eradicated. Still, the decrease in deaths this Thanksgiving should be counted as a win for their efforts.

We’re not out of the woods quite yet. With Christmas and New Years Eve yet to come, there are still many fatal accidents waiting to happen. Make sure you’re not involved in one – don’t drink and drive, and avoid speeding or driving recklessly.

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