School Bus Rear-Ended in Suffolk

An early morning school bus accident has occurred in Suffolk. The September 9th crash happened around 7:15 at Godwin Boulevard and Kensington Boulevard. A car ran into the back of a Lakeland High School bus. Thankfully, no students were injured in the accident. They were transported to school on another bus.

As we await more information on the specifics of this accident, we’ll use this opportunity to remind drivers about the dangers of following too closely. It’s always a good idea to leave plenty of following distance between you and the vehicle in front of you.

This can be hard, especially during rush hour, when you’re caught behind a slow vehicle like a school bus. But following a school bus gives you all the more incentive to increase your distance: buses, like trucks, take much longer to stop than the average car. That means they’re braking sooner than you’d expect other vehicles.

Even if you think you’re allowing for enough following distance, there are several factors that might require you to hang back even further. Wet or icy roads can spell trouble for large vehicles like school buses, so increasing your distance will help you avoid a collision.

Being aware of your surroundings can also be a huge help when avoiding a collision. Knowing you have room in the next lane to swerve if necessary can mean the difference between an accident or just a scare. Avoid staying in a vehicle’s blind spot to keep everyone on the road safe.


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