Police Step Up DUI Enforcement

If you plan on drinking this summer, don’t plan on driving.

That’s the message Virginia police are hoping to send with their campaign to catch drunk drivers this summer. The new enforcement period will begin Friday, August 17th and last through Labor Day. More DUI checkpoints will be established and saturation patrols will be out in force for the remainder of the season.

Summer is so notorious for drunk drivers that it’s practically DUI season. When temperatures are warm, folks are often in a partying mood, eager to continue their festivities wherever they might go. Too often, this leads to people drinking and driving. Outside of New Years Eve, there’s no time more common than the summer for drivers to be arrested for DUI.

Drunken Boating a Concern, Too

It’s not just drunk driving that escalates in the warm weather. Boat operators must also take care not to drink while out on the water. It’s tempting to crack open a beer or two on a hot summer’s day, especially when you’re out on a boat, but doing so can seriously jeopardize your safety and that of those surrounding you.

Serious Offense, Serious Consequences

Too often, the threat of receiving a DUI is brushed off in favor of buzzed driving. Make no mistake: buzzed driving is drunk driving. Even one drink can cause a person to fail a BAC test. Fail such a test and you risk losing your driver’s license. You may also be ordered to pay expensive fines and even do jail time. Simply put, the consequences are just too high to risk drinking and driving.

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