Pedestrians Killed, Hurt at Norfolk Intersection

Virginia Pedestrian Injury Lawyer - Richard SerpeA 29-year-old Norfolk man has died after being struck by a car. The April 3, 2018 accident occurred when the man attempted to cross the street at Newport Ave. and Little Creek Road. Witnesses say the victim was thrown in the air, shattering the windshield of the car that struck him. Police say the driver stayed at the scene of the accident and cooperated with the investigation. Authorities say they will turn the case over to the Commonwealth Attorney’s Office to see if charges should be filed.

The accident was the first of two incidents that occurred at the same intersection. The following morning, another pedestrian was hit. Thankfully, though, the victim will be okay.

A Dangerous Intersection

Neighbors say the intersection is notoriously dangerous. Because there is so much foot traffic as well as actual traffic, cars and pedestrians are constantly working to avoid one another. It is unclear whether more traffic signals are needed, or if the speed limit needs to be decreased.

Our society prioritizes cars and drivers, leaving many pedestrians to fend for themselves against oncoming traffic. Sidewalks are rare, as are crosswalks, and even when those are present, drivers do not always respect the rights of pedestrians.

Mindful Driving, Mindful Walking

It’s important for both pedestrians and drivers to watch out for one another. Pedestrians can do so by only crossing where they have the right of way and paying attention to changing traffic patterns. Drivers should do all they can to be alert to pedestrians and yield to their right of way.

Norfolk Personal Injury Lawyers

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