Pedestrian Injured in Portsmouth Crash

An early morning collision in Portsmouth landed one woman in the hospital with serious injuries, news reports indicate. The December 6, 2018 crash occurred around 7 AM at the intersection of Willet Drive and West Road. While details about the accident are sparse, neighbors familiar with the intersection say visibility is a challenge there. With the hospital located so close, there is a high volume of foot traffic and not enough signs or street lights to help keep pedestrians safe. The driver involved in this incident stayed on the scene, but no word has been given on whether or not they were charged.

Pedestrian Dangers

Given the early hour of the incident, it’s likely that the lack of visibility played a significant role in the crash. At such an early hour in late autumn, the sun is just beginning to rise in Portsmouth. If the pedestrian wasn’t wearing reflective clothing, they might not have been seen at all by passing motorists. It’s unclear whether the pedestrian or the driver had the right of way in this scenario, but more caution is necessary to prevent future incidents from occurring at this location.

Signs and Lights

Additional signage and brighter street lights could help eliminate a majority of the visibility issues at this intersection. While neighbors in the area may work to petition the city for these additions, every pedestrian walking here is in danger in the meantime. Drivers who frequent the area should remain alert to pedestrians and do their part to prevent future collisions.

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