New Feature Could Prevent Distracted Driving

Don't Text and Drive - Injury Lawyer Richard SerpeApple has been known as a disrupter to the cell phone industry. They pioneered the first smart phone and are now hoping to pioneer a new safety feature. Their newly introduced Do Not Disturb option would prevent drivers from using their phones while their vehicle is in motion. The Do Not Disturb function has existed for years to prevent calls and texts from coming in during meetings. Now, the technology has been updated to prevent usage of the device while a vehicle is in motion.

How it Works

When iOS 11 is installed, it can detect when a person is driving. Users can opt to turn on Do Not Disturb while driving. From then on, the phone will automatically switch to Do Not Disturb when it detects a vehicle in motion. While active, Do Not Disturb will ensure the phone stays silent and the screen blank. People texting you while you’re driving will receive an automatic reply indicating you are unavailable. Calls will only come through if the same person calls more than two times. You can still use the phone’s GPS system, but it will prevent users from navigating to other apps while Do Not Disturb is on.

Opting In

Unfortunately, Do Not Disturb is an optional feature. Only people hoping to actively prevent distracted driving will benefit from the feature. People who opt not to turn on Do Not Disturb can continue to use their phone behind the wheel. Until this technology is enforced in some way, people will likely continue to drive distractedly.

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