Locals Students Participate in Distracted Driving Video Contest

Teen driversA trio of Tabb High School students have taken home the top prize in a local distract driving video competition. The students created the winning short film, which follows two friends discussing a calculus test. When one girl decides to nap before the test, she dreams she is texting and driving when she strikes her friend crossing the road. Thankfully, she is awoken quickly from her nightmare to find her friend alive and ready for math class.

The winning short filmmakers pocketed a $3,5oo cash prize for their hard work. Their school will receive an additional $3,500. Runner up videos included submissions from Norview High School, Oscar Smith High School and Norfolk Academy.

The annual “No 2 Distracted Driving” contest is held by Hall I MileOne Autogroup and Cox Communications to highlight the dangers associated with distracted driving. We applaud all the students who participated in this wonderful learning experience.

Distracted driving is a leading cause of accidents among teen drivers, but motorists of all ages can benefit from the wisdom found in the video submissions. In an era where people have gotten accustomed to instant gratification, it can be difficult to resist the siren call of our cell phones while driving. Unfortunately, though, when people give into temptation, serious accidents can occur.

If you find yourself distracted by your phone while behind the wheel, consider placing it in a purse, compartment or pocket while driving. Silence the ringer and don’t pull out the phone unless the vehicle is in park.

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