James River Bridge Crashes Halt Traffic

One person was injured in a crash on Newport News’ James River Bridge this week. The incident occurred around 4:00 PM the afternoon of November 27, 2018. Details about the crash are limited, but we know one person suffered minor injuries while traffic backed up behind the collision.

On the other side of the bridge, another wreck also caused traffic to pile up quickly in the other direction. The collision led to an explosive car fire. Thankfully, the drivers involved in this crash were able to escape the wreckage without injury.

The Traffic Factor

Getting into a car accident can be harrowing no matter the situation, but finding yourself in a collision during peak traffic hours can add an additional layer of stress to an already stressful circumstance. While it’s impossible to know how the traffic backup impacted the folks involved in these crashes, chances are good that it only made a bad situation worse. Should you find yourself in such an incident, it’s important to remain calm and to work with officials to safely and quickly move out of the way.

After the Crash

Accident victims may initially lose sight of the things they need to take care of after being involved in a wreck. Should you feel under pressure after a crash, consider calling a loved one to the scene to help you collect valuable details about the situation. Of course, your first call should always be to the police, especially if injuries are involved. Even if no one has been injured, involving authorities from the beginning can help you ensure the situation is handled efficiently and safely.

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