Four Cars Collide in Norfolk Accident

60772420 - hurt woman sitting on the passenger seat and calling the emergencyFour cars collided in an accident in Norfolk Friday night. The October 21, 2016 collision occurred on Newtown Road, near the Virginia Beach city line. The wreck occurred shortly before 8:00 PM. Police are still investigating the accident, but witnesses say the driver of an SUV stopped suddenly. Given the road conditions at the time – wet and slick – the cars behind the SUV collided in a chain reaction.

Thankfully, no one was injured in this crash. But the collision serves as a good reminder to us all: when conditions have changed. adjust your driving accordingly. When it is raining or has recently rained, roads can be deceptively dangerous. They can make stopping quickly virtually impossible.

When you slam on your brakes on a wet road, your tires are tasked with gripping onto a slick surface at the drop of a dime. Many times, this can lead to hydroplaning. Lose control of your car, and an accident is inevitable.

By slowing down and leaving plenty of following distance for the vehicles in front of you to brake or turn suddenly, you minimize the risk of an accident. This is good advice no matter the weather, but on particularly wet or icy roads, this strategy is critical.

There’s no way to control the drivers around you – that’s why driving defensively is so key. When driving conditions are bad, the best thing you can do to protect yourself and others is to simply slow down. It’s not an exciting tip or maneuver, but it’s sure to minimize the potential for fatal crashes.

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