Five Injured in Newport News Bus Crash

Five people were injured in a Newport News bus crash earlier this week. Reports say the incident occurred around 8:20 the evening of February 28, 2017. Though it’s not immediately clear which driver was at fault, police say an HRT bus and another vehicle collided at the intersection of Canon and Center City boulevards.

Emergency workers transported five people from the bus to the hospital with injuries. No injuries were reported from the people traveling in the other vehicle. As the investigation into the crash continues, we hope to learn more about the cause of the accident – and whether or not one of the drivers will be charged.

The citizens of Hampton Roads rely on the HRT bus to get around. With limited options for public transportation, the bus is the most widely available and affordable option. Millions of people ride the bus each year – accidents are bound to happen sooner or later.

When that happens, bus companies are often held responsible for their customer’s injuries. Considered to be “common carriers,” bus companies have special provisions imposed upon them in case of an accident. Planes, trains, cruise ships and trolleys are other examples of common carriers.

Unfortunately, though, just because a bus company is considered a common carrier doesn’t make them any easier to deal with following an accident like the one in Newport News. That’s why having an experienced, knowledgeable Virginia bus accident lawyer by your side can be so helpful. Bus crash victims should consider reaching out to our firm for a free, no-risk consultation.

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