Five Injured in Head-On Collision in Virginia Beach

need-an-ambulance-1512594Five people are recovering after a head-on collision in Virginia Beach. Authorities say the September 10, 2017 accident on Greenwich road occurred just after 3 AM. A vehicle carrying four passengers had been speeding northbound along Greenwich road when it approached a curve. The vehicle crossed the double yellow lines and struck an SUV with one person inside.

Extensive vehicle damage meant firefighters had to work tirelessly to remove both drivers from their cars. Four people were taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. A fifth person is said to be in critical condition.

The Fatal Accident Crash Team, or FACT, is investigating this incident. Early reports indicate that both speed and alcohol played a role in the collision. No charges have been filed against either driver, but given the circumstances, there may be charges down the line.

We send our best wishes out to all of the victims recuperating in the hospital. Head-on collisions are some of the most dangerous types of car accidents. Everyone involved is lucky to be alive.

It can be difficult for passengers injured in a crash caused by a friend to file a claim against the driver’s insurance. Questions of friendship and loyalty can cloud the judgment of accident victims. In the troubling days after a car wreck, it is easy to fear the loss of a friend on top of the injuries sustained. Still, victims have a right to seek compensation for their injuries. We encourage anyone conflicted about filing an insurance claim against a friend’s car insurance to reach out to a Virginia car accident lawyer for guidance.

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