Drowsy Driving Has an Image Problem

so-tired-1440121Drowsy driving is virtually just as dangerous as driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, studies show. So why is it taken so much less seriously by society at large? Statistics show a dangerous pattern: one in 24 drivers admitted to driving while sleepy in the last month. Considering that drowsy driving can result in deadly crashes akin to the kind of collisions associated with drunk driving, these numbers should be making headlines. Instead, the issue is downplayed or ignored altogether.

Why Its Dangerous

Driving drowsy is something most people will admit to doing at least once in their lifetime. Who among us hasn’t risen early for work and chugged coffee in traffic, trying to wake up more quickly? Driving drowsy can slow our reaction times, impair our coordination and lead to poor attention to the road. All of these are similar to the way the body reacts when it is under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Preventing Drowsy Driving

In order to prevent drowsy driving from occurring, experts recommend taking a nap before driving. Relying on coffee and other caffeinated beverages might provide a brief burst of energy, but nothing does the job like real rest. When possible, drive with a co-pilot with whom you can switch off with if you find yourself getting tired. If you’re alone and recognize the tell tale signs of sleepiness, pull over and take a nap. Even if it means stopping for the night and renting a hotel room, the journey will be all the more safe.

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