Daydreaming Tops List of Driving Distractions

Car Accidents - Norfolk Injury Lawyer - Serpe FirmA surprising activity has topped a recent list of common driving distractions: daydreaming. Erie Insurance released information gleaned from police about the most common causes of distracted driving, and while cell phone use came close to the top, daydreaming beat it out for the top spot. Tragically, one in 10 people killed in car accidents were involved in a wreck caused by a distracted driver.

Many people know the dangers of texting and driving, the study showed, but few realize the potential for danger when lost in thought behind the wheel. Other common distractions while driving included:


After daydreaming and cell phone use, this bad behavior came in third place on the list of common distractions. Most of us will admit to looking at accident scenes as we pass, but few recognize just how dangerous this can be. The next time you slow down for traffic in the midst of an accident, pay extra attention to the road, since chances are good that the other motorists around you are distracted.

Other Occupants

While perhaps not as dangerous as having a conversation over the phone, the mere presence of a passenger can up your odds of distraction. This is especially true of parents trying to settle arguments between kids in the backseat. Prioritize safety and drive with a copilot when possible to manage backseat behavior.

Eating or Drinking

Most people will admit to eating a cheeseburger behind the wheel on a road trip now and then. Unfortunately, though, this requires more of our attention than we realize, leading to dangerous consequences.

Injured by a Reckless Driver?

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