Could This TV Show Make You a Better Driver?

If you could send a bad driver in your life to traffic school, would you? A Canadian reality show asks just that! The show, which has been on the TV’s of our northern neighbors for years, has just hit Netflix. It’s a reality competition style show where bad drivers learn to improve their skills behind the wheel.

Most of us know a terrible driver or two, but this show features only the worst of the worst. One particularly awful driver insists that speed kills – and refuses to go over 40 kilometers an hour. Another is filled with uncertainty, constantly questioning her passengers about what her next move behind the wheel should be.

Anyone who has had to sit through a day or two of traffic school can tell you how valuable the experience is. We can only imagine how life-changing going on a show like this one must be! Drivers not only learn about the theory behind certain driving techniques, they also practice until they get the maneuvers right. The best part? The audience learns right along with the drivers!

The show has been on for 12 seasons, meaning there are nearly 100 episodes for us Americans to catch up on. The good news? With the show being available on Netflix, you can binge on it anytime you want! While watching a show like this one isn’t exactly the equivalent of undergoing traffic school yourself, there’s a lot to be learned from it. At the very least, you’ll learn the warning signs of a bad driver, allowing you to watch out for them on the road!

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