Be a Better Driver in 2017: Don't Drive Distracted

Don't Text and Drive - Injury Lawyer Richard SerpeMillions of Americans will admit to using their smartphones behind the wheel – and millions more are likely in denial about their distraction levels while driving. In the last several years, smartphones have become an integral part of our daily lives. It becomes nearly impossible to unplug ourselves completely from the connection our phones provide. Even behind the wheel, many of us find ourselves reaching for GPS apps, music apps and other useful tools for driving.

But those apps – and the smartphones themselves – are likely to blame for the increasing rates of fatal car accidents. The Washington Post recently reported a 10 percent spike in traffic fatalities in the first half of 2016. That’s more than 17,000 people killed in just six months time. While we’re still awaiting the numbers for the latter half of the year, the data show a disturbing trend.

This year, make it your new year’s resolution to stop using your phone while driving. Commit to driving safely, even if others on the road aren’t doing the same. The easiest way to prevent yourself from driving distracted? Keep your phone out of arm’s reach – and out of sight, if possible. If your phone rings or you need to start a new podcast for your drive, you’ll have to pull over, put your vehicle in park and then reach for your phone. It’s annoying, sure, but far less of a hassle than being involved in a car accident.

Commit to this resolution now – you’ll be safer for it.

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