Are You Ready for Memorial Day Weekend 2017?

The sun, the sand, the hot dogs – that’s right, Memorial Day Weekend is upon us! But as you hit the road to visit friends and family and to soak up some of that early summer sun, brush up on some travel facts about the holiday weekend. Did you know…

More than a million Virginians will hit the road for Memorial Day weekend travel. Based on data from earlier years, most folks will travel between 11 AM and 7 PM on Friday and Monday. You can expect higher tolls during those hours, too.

Memorial Day has been celebrated since ancient times. The Greeks and Romans held annual remembrance days for lost soldiers and loved ones. Public festivals and feasts were held in their honor.

Operation C.A.R.E. will be in effect this weekend. It’s an annual initiative to increase visibility of law enforcement on our roads. All available state troopers will be out patrolling this weekend. Last year, they ticket more than 900 people for not wearing seat belts, and issued 273 citations for children not properly restrained in the back seat. Buckle up, people!

11 people were killed in Memorial Day weekend crashes last year. Many of these accidents were caused by drunk drivers. In this day and age, there’s no reason to ever get behind the wheel after drinking. Download Uber or Lyft and make a plan to get home safely before you down your first drink.

Memorial Day has only been an official federal holiday since 1971. Decoration Day was celebrated after the Civil War ended, but it took decades for it to become the federally recognized holiday we know it as today.

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