5 Injured When Car Crashes Through VA Beach Bank

need-an-ambulance-1512594Five people are recovering after a scary accident at a Virginia Beach Bank of America. Just after noon on December 5, police say they received word that a car had plowed through the right, front side of the brick Bank of America building. The driver was trapped inside his vehicle for ten minutes while firefighters work to free him. He was taken to the hospital with injuries that are believed to be not life-threatening.

Four people inside the bank were also injured in the wreck. Only one required hospitalization, sources report. Employees say this is a miracle considering that the car crashed right into the desk of one Bank of America worker. The car has been removed from the building and workers say it is structurally sound.

While the exact cause of this incident has not been specified, it is believed that the driver responsible experienced some kind of medical emergency before the collision. This is unfortunately to blame for many accidents like this one. Storefront crashes often involve older drivers in poor health who mistake “drive” for “reverse” and pull forward into the building ahead, or drivers with health problems who suddenly find themselves out of control of their cars.

If you know someone with a medical condition that could make it difficult for them to drive, consider speaking to them about their options for getting around town. With the advent of Uber and Lyft, it is easier than ever to get older drivers off the road and still give them their independence.

Virginia Personal Injury & Wrongful Death Attorneys

We can’t control what other drivers do on the road. The best we can do is try to stay vigilant. But when someone becomes inattentive or fails to obey the rules of the road, everyone suffers. In this case, three lives were tragically lost. If you have been injured in an automobile accident, or have lost a loved one, you may be considering your legal options. The experienced attorneys at Richard J. Serpe, PC are ready to stand by your side. Don’t hesitate. Contact us today for your free consultation.

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