11 Injured in Head-On Collision

need-an-ambulance-1512594Eleven people were hospitalized this week when a three car collision occurred in Moyock, North Carolina. One of the victims is from Norfolk.

Police say the accident happened when the driver of a 2015 Chevy attempted a left turn onto North Caratoke Highway from Baxter Lane Road. The driver failed to yield to a 2012 Chevy. The cars collided and the 2015 Chevy was forced off road, into a median and then out into southbound traffic. It collided with a Chevy pickup truck. Several people were trapped inside the cars, one person for more than an hour.

The driver of the 2012 Chevy was charged with a failure to yield. Of the eleven victims, seven victims are in stable condition, two are in serious and another two are in critical condition.

Most head-on collisions end in catastrophe – and this incident is no different. But the victims are truly lucky to be alive. When vehicles collide head-on, accidents become infinitely more deadly. Witnesses say the collision sounded like a bomb going off. Cars can handle damage to the rear and sides fairly well, but when two vehicles collide head-on, there is not much margin for error.

Several teens and young children were involved in the accident. We can only hope that they – along with all the victims – will make speedy, full recoveries. There will undoubtedly be many questions in need of answers for everyone involved in the following weeks. We encourage anyone involved to reach out for a free consultation.

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