Guardrail Accident Lawyer (Injury & Wrongful Death)

Guardrails Causing Severe Injury & Death Across the US

guardrail accident lawyer

Our guardrail accident lawyers are fighting for victims and their families injured by defective, outdated, or improperly installed guardrails.

Accidents involving these dangerous guardrails can be incredibly tragic, and many find themselves asking, how could this happen?

Dangerous Guardrail Situations

Malfunctioning Guardrails

Dangerous guardrail designs can spell tragedy for accident victims. Guardrails exist to soften the blow of cars that collide on highways and interstates. But when defective designs are in place, they can do the exact opposite – many victims find themselves injured in ways they never might have been, had the guardrail worked as intended.

Outdated Guardrails

Outdated guardrails also pose a major threat to motorists. As safety technology changes and develops, outdated materials and designs become more and more dangerous. When outdated guardrails remain in place, they’re like ticking time bombs – one bad accident can end in catastrophe, simply because old technology hadn’t yet been replaced.

Improperly Installed Guardrails

Improperly installed guardrails are a form of negligence. As taxpayers, we expect our roads and highways to be safely maintained. But when a guardrail is improperly installed, motorists’ lives are at risk – because of someone else’s failure to do their job right.

Guardrail Injury & Death

Many victims injured by dangerous guardrails face catastrophic life-altering injuries. Most commonly, limbs such as arms and legs are lost. Very tragically, many are killed due to the guardrail piercing through their body.

Do You Need A Guardrail Accident Lawyer?

Our Guardrail Injury Lawyers are currently investigating serious and fatal guardrail accidents related to malfunctioning or improperly installed guardrails. If you or a loved one were injured in an accident with a guardrail, contact our attorneys to discuss your legal options. We offer a free, no obligation, consultation. GET HELP NOW 877-544-5323



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