National Origin Discrimination

National Origin Discrimination in the Workplace

As the name suggests, national origin discrimination involves unfavorable treatment of an applicant or employee due to their home country, ethnicity, accent, or because they appear to be of a particular ethnic background.

This type of discrimination can also involve treating somebody unfavorably because they are married to or associated with somebody of a particular origin.

The law strictly forbids national origin discrimination in any aspect of employment, including: hiring, firing, job responsibilities, pay, layoff, promotions, training, and benefits.


It is unlawful to harass a person, such as an applicant or employer, because of their national original. This type of behavior can include things such as making offensive remarks about a person’s origin or ethnicity. Although the law does not protect against teasing and comments that are not deemed serious, harassment is illegal when it impacts the victim by creating a hostile work environment.

The harassing party can include a supervisor, co-worker, or somebody who is not an employee of the company, such as a customer.

Discrimination Employment Lawyer

Are you being harassed at work because of your national origin? Were you denied  a job opportunity due to your ethnicity?The best thing you can do is discuss your situation with the human resources department as well as your direct supervisor. This often times leads to immediate action. If you feel that you need professional assistance, contact a Virginia employment attorney who is experienced in protecting the rights of victims in your position.