Disability Discrimination Employment Lawyer

Disability Discrimination in the Workplace

Disability discrimination is entirely too common in the United States. This occurs when a company covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) treats a qualified worker with a disability unfavorably due to his or her disability.

This type of discrimination can also come into play when an employer treats an applicant less favorably, such as because he or she has a physical or mental impairment.

According to the law, an employer is required to provide reasonable accommodations to any employee or applicant with a disability, unless doing so would cause a significant expense or difficulty for the company.

Points of Consideration

Here are several points to consider regarding disability discrimination at the workplace:

  • The law forbids discrimination associated with any aspect of employment, including: hiring, firing, layoff, promotions, job responsibilities, pay, training, benefits, and any other job related detail.
  • It is illegal to harass an employee or applicant because he or she currently has a disability or had a disability in the past. There are many types of harassment, including making offensive remarks.
  • The law requires an employer to provide reasonable accommodations to an employee or applicant with a disability. As noted above, the exception is if this will cause an undue hardship for the employer.

Disability Discrimination Lawyer

Disability discrimination is a major concern. If you have been discriminated against due to a disability, either as an employee or job applicant, you may want to contact a Virginia employment attorney. If you'd like to speak with our Virginia Employment Lawyers, call us at 877-544-5323 to setup a consultation.