Age Discrimination Employment Lawyer

Age Discrimination in the Workplace

With employers looking for ways to save money, many make the mistake of dismissing older employees who earn more in exchange for younger workers who will not require nearly as much compensation. In Virginia, there are age discrimination laws in place to help protect people against this type of wrongful act.

Age discrimination is the act of treating somebody, either an employee or an applicant, less favorably due to his or her age.

Note: the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) only forbids age discrimination against those who are age 40 or older. This act does not protect individuals under the age of 40, however, some states have their own laws to protect people in this age group.

What You Should Know

There are many finer details to consider, including the following:

  • The law forbids discrimination associated with any aspect of employment, including all of the following: hiring, firing, promotions, pay, job responsibilities, benefits, training, and any other particular condition of the job.
  • It is against the law to harass an individual due to his or her age. Harassment comes in many forms, such as making offensive remarks regarding a person’s age.
  • An employment practice that applies to every employee, regardless of age, can be illegal if it has a negative impact on those who are age 40 or older.

Age Discrimination Lawyer

If you have been discriminated against due to your age, contact our Virginia employment law attorneys to discuss your situation. We are here to protect your rights.