Teacher Terminated Over Topless Photo



A New York school teacher is suing her school district after she was fired when a student gained possession of a semi-nude photo of her. Lauren Miranda, 25, stated that the photo was privately exchanged with a man whom she was dating at the time. She does not know how the student would have obtained it.

The District’s Response

In a letter received by the New York Times, the school district’s superintendent reasoned that Ms. Miranda “’ caused, allowed, or otherwise made it possible’ for an inappropriate photo to be distributed to students.” Those responsible for Miranda’s termination claim that the photo no longer positions Ms. Miranda as a good role model for students. Prior to her termination, the teacher was being considered for a promotion.

The Law

New York, like Virginia, is generally considered an at-will state; meaning that at any given time an employee can be terminated without warning for no given reason. However, there are laws in place which protect employees from discrimination. Lauren Miranda’s case has alleged discrimination based on gender. Her attorney maintains that if a topless photo of a male teacher was leaked, that teacher would not be facing the same punishment.

Employment Attorney

Losing a job can be life-altering. Unfortunately, termination policies across the US vary from state to state and in some of those states, employers reserve the right to terminate at-will. However, the law protects against discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin or sex.  If you believe that you have faced workplace discrimination, contact counsel today.

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