Student Retaliated Against After Reporting Sexual Abuse at School

Student Left Helpless After Reporting Sexual Harassment

A Kentucky teenager says she was bullied and retaliated against after accusing a school employee of sexual abuse. The Lexington Herald Ledger reports the girl allegedly received sexually charged messages from a para-educator who worked at her high school. The man allegedly contacted her over Snapchat and sent her increasingly sexual content, including a bestiality video. 

After reporting the man to school administrators, the victim says she was bullied and ostracized by her classmates. Despite the allegations against him, the para-educator remained on administrative leave. A school spokesperson says he is no longer an employee of the district.

Suspended and Transferred

Ultimately, the bullying – and the fear that her abuser would retaliate against her – led the victim to bring a “dangerous instrument” to school. School administrators suspended the girl for 10 days and transferred her to an alternative school for students with a history of misconduct. The victim’s family says the transfer was the school’s way of retaliating against her for reporting the sexual abuse she endured.

Now, the 13-year-old’s mother is filing a sexual harassment suit against the district superintendent, school administrators, and the para-educator responsible for the initial abuse. She says her daughter was re-victimized after administrators did nothing to stop the bullying she experienced. The mother also believes the transfer to the alternative school was a form of retaliation against the victim.

Justice for Victims of Childhood Sexual Assault

We expect teachers to protect, nurture and educate students. When they use their authority to take advantage of their students, they should be punished, not protected. Victims of sexual abuse deserve justice, but too often, people in positions of power are reluctant to hold abusers responsible. This alone is too much for a young girl to shoulder, but the added retaliation only further victimizes her.

Unfortunately, cases like this are all too common. Many parents feel helpless when they discover their child has been the victim of such heinous abuse. While legal action can’t undo the damage that’s been done, it can help bring a sense of justice and closure to the situation. Anyone hoping to seek justice after abuse at school or in the workplace should contact a sexual harassment attorney for guidance.