Former McDonald's CEO Sued for Sexual Harassment

When McDonald’s CEO Steve Easterbrook was pushed out of the company last fall following allegations of sexual harassment, many applauded the company for taking fast action. Now, the fast food giant is filing a lawsuit against Easterbrook in the hopes of recovering his severance pay, said to be valued at more than $40 million.

Fired for Sexting

The lawsuit alleges that Easterbrook was fired for sexting a subordinate, but investigations into his conduct reveal even more shocking behaviors. Evidences shows that the CEO had physical sexual relationships with at least three employees before his firing in November 2019. During the midst of one of those relationships, Easterbrook approved a stock grant worth hundreds of thousands of dollars for one of the employees with whom he was seeing. Internal investigators say he was dishonest in their conversations about his misconduct, too.

A Culture of Harassment

Easterbrook’s alleged sexual harassment is only the tip of the iceberg, some McDonald’s employees say. In April two store employees filed a $500 million class action suit with the help of the Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund. They say McDonald’s failed to protect its female employees at the store level from harassing coworkers. Teenaged workers are among the most likely targets of such abuse, the lawsuit alleges.

Critics argue that Easterbrook’s conduct set the tone from the top down. They recently revised their anti-harassment policy and are working to inform employees of their rights via professional development and training courses. While changes are clearly being made now, it’s clear that improper conduct was often the norm within the organization.

Sexual Harassment Attorney Cindra Dowd

Virginia Employment Lawyer Cindra Dowd

Victims do not simply have to settle with the way they are treated in the workplace. Gritting your teeth and hoping the behaviors stop rarely achieves results. Instead, victims should contact a Virginia sexual harassment lawyer as soon as possible. Because sexual harassment is a violation of both state and federal law, a lawyer can help victims pursue justice.

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